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  • Wayfinder

    An interactive map of notable places, people, and events in Oregon history.

  • Oregon History Project

    The Research Library at the Oregon Historical Society provides direct access to digitized and digital materials as well as narratives from Pacific Northwest historians.

The Corner Gallery

Exploding Whales are only the tip of the Bigfoot

All states have their strange and wondrous tales, but only Oregon blew up a dead whale on film. Begin your journey into Oregon absurdity with an exploding whale, but there's more to discover on the pages of The Oregon Encyclopedia. Check this page monthly to browse through a brief and portable digital history exhibit, open all hours, wine and cheese optional.

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The OE is Green!

Our editorial process is completely paperless — authors and editors use a one-of-a-kind online workshop developed by Portland State University. We've published hundreds of authoritative entries on Oregon history and culture without hurting a single Douglas Fir. Donate your green to The OE and keep us — and the trees — growing.


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