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Digital Exhibits

Climate Change in Oregon

With funding from the R. W. Naito Foundation, The OE staff worked with Dr. Josh Howe, an environmental historian at Reed College, to create this resource on Climate Change in Oregon. The topics he identified for the project have been published as encyclopedia entries and made available on this exhibit page, all written by regional experts who have spent their careers researching and sharing their work on the effects of a warming planet. The exhibit includes a glossary, a resource index for teachers, and short, informational videos.

Putting out fires

Native American Tribes in Oregon

The OE works with experts from around the Pacific Northwest to publish hundreds of encyclopedia entries on the history of Native people in Oregon. This exhibit features many of them and includes inks to tribal websites and Oregon Department of Education curriculum guides. It also provides access to educational resources developed by the Oregon Historical Society.

Umatilla Valley crop

Oregon Century Farm & Ranch Program Exhibit

The Oregon Century Farm & Ranch Program worked with The OE staff and contributed funding to OHS to publish entries on some of the Oregon farms and ranches which have been in the same family for a hundred years or more. The exhibit includes historical photographs from the OHS Research Library's archives.

Flowers Family Farm, Portland, c. 1890

In Recognition: Roger Hull

After serving The Oregon Encyclopedia for almost twenty years, art historian Roger Hull stepped down from the OE Editorial Board in January 2023. He passed away in October 2023. A direct, empathetic reviewer and adviser--and enormously witty--he advised OE editors on the content and publication of countless entries and authors and was largely responsible for the depth and breadth of The OE's art-related entries. This exhibit features the many entries he wrote for The OE.