David Sarasohn

David Sarasohn became an editor and columnist at The Oregonian in 1983. His columns, distributed nationally by the Newhouse News Service, have twice won Best in the West and are included in Best Newspaper Writing, 2008-09. In 2002. he won the Eugene C. Pulliam Editorial Fellowship, a project that became the book Waiting for Lewis and Clark. He received a Ph.D in history from UCLA and also wrote, Party of Reform: Democrats in the Progressive Era. He has taught at Reed College, UCLA, and Portland State University.

Author's Entries

  • Arthur Sylvanus Bimrose (1912-1998)

    Arthur Sylvanus Bimrose spent more than three decades as the seven-days-a-week editorial cartoonist of the Portland Oregonian. Unlike his conservative Republican predecessor, Quincy Scott, and his more liberal successor, Jack Ohman, Bimrose's artistically simple, broad-lined cartoons tended to be more celebratory and less controversial—a match for the sleepier, more …

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  • Greg Higgins (1958-)

    Greg Higgins, a prominent figure in the development of Northwest cuisine and a national voice for sustainable dining, was raised in a rural area south of Buffalo, New York, working in the family garden and at a local cheesemaker. Higgins trained in restaurants locally and in Europe before moving to …

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  • John Kitzhaber (1947-)

    John Kitzhaber, Oregon’s governor from 1995 to 2003, was born in 1947 and grew up in Eugene, the son of two University of Oregon professors. With a bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth College in 1969 and a medical degree from the University of Oregon in 1973, Kitzhaber became an emergency …

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  • Lewis and Clark Bicentennial

    At least ten years before 2004, the 200th anniversary of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark setting out from St. Louis to explore the nation's new Louisiana Purchase, Bicentennial planners were determined that the remembrance would be different from other commemorations. Unlike the Lewis and Clark Centennial in 1904-1906, the Bicentennial …

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  • William A. Hilliard (1927-2017)

    William A. Hilliard was the first African American editor of the Oregonian and one of the few to serve as the editor of a major newspaper. Growing up in Portland, he was refused a paper route for the Oregonian for fear that white subscribers would resent it, and …

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