David Sherrod

David Sherrod is an Earth scientist who has mapped widely in Oregon. Though perhaps best known for publications about the Cascade Range, his body of work includes studies in Arizona, Washington, Hawai'i, Tanzania, and Panamá.

Author's Entries

  • Cascade Mountain Range in Oregon

    The Cascade mountain system extends from northern California to central British Columbia. In Oregon, it comprises the Cascade Range, which is 260 miles long and, at greatest breadth, 90 miles wide (fig. 1). Oregon’s Cascade Range covers roughly 17,000 square miles, or about 17 percent of the state, an …

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  • Crack in the Ground

    Crack in the Ground is just that, a gaping fracture of tectonic origin in the volcanic terrain of northern Lake County (pasting the coordinate pair 43.3325, -120.6711 in a mobile device map application will allow you to fly there). Long known as “the Crack” to local residents, it is located …

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  • Diamond Craters

    Diamond Craters is a geologically youthful lava field 52 road miles south-southeast of Burns in southeastern Oregon. The lava field, which encompasses 27 square miles, comprises chiefly pahoehoe (PAH-hōey-hōey), the smooth, ropy-topped lava best known from Hawaiian flows (the other common lava type, rough 'a'a full of clinkers, is sparse). …

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