Stephen Most

Stephen Most is an author, playwright, and documentary filmmaker. Films he scripted include the Emmy-winning Wonders of Nature and the Academy Award nominee Berkeley in the Sixties. He wrote and produced River of Renewal, which won a film festival "best documentary feature" award, and he is the author of River of Renewal: Myth and History in the Klamath Basin (University of Washington Press and OHS Press). Most also wrote the texts and scripts for the permanent exhibit of the Washington State History Museum. His plays include PoeMedicine ShowRaven's SeedWatershedA Free Country, and Forces of Nature.

Author's Entries

  • Klamath Basin Project (1906)

    When trapper Peter Skene Ogden first saw the Upper Klamath River Basin in 1826, he observed that “the Country as far as the eye can reach [was] one continued Swamp and Lakes.” Following the end of the Modoc War in 1873, settlers began arriving in the region, eager to raise …

    Oregon Encyclopedia

  • Klamath River

    The Klamath River originates on a plateau east of the Cascade Range in south-central Oregon. Among its sources are underground springs that emerge from fissures in volcanic rock; the Wood, Sycan, Sprague, and Williamson rivers; marshes and wetlands; and Upper Klamath Lake. The Klamath, a haven for many species of …

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