Paul Senz

Paul Senz is a graduate of the University of Portland, where he majored in music and theology. A native of Verboort, Oregon, he has long had a passion for history, especially Oregon history, and has done extensive research on the history of the Catholic Church in Oregon. Paul is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry through the University of Portland.

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  • Catholic Charities of Portland

    Catholic Charities of Oregon, a member agency of the Catholic Charities Network, describes its work as “partnering with the most vulnerable, regardless of faith, to achieve lasting solutions to poverty and injustice." By 2000, the organization had twenty-five programs and was serving over a hundred thousand people annually. The first …

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  • City of Banks

    Banks is a small town about twenty-five miles west of Portland. The seeds of the community were sown in the mid nineteenth century, when white settlers began arriving in what is now western Washington County. The area that is now western Washington County was originally inhabited by the Atfalati, …

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  • Community of Roy

    Roy is a small, rural community in Washington County, about three miles southeast of Banks. The community is named after the Roy family, early settlers of the area whose name railroad officials used for a station along an intended rail line in 1906 (which became the Roy post office …

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  • Community of Verboort

    Verboort is a small, unincorporated community about three miles northeast of Forest Grove. In 1846, famine and poverty in the southern Netherlands propelled a large migration of people to the United States. Many settled in Wisconsin; but because of severe winters there and the lure of fertile land in …

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  • Larry Jansen (1920-2009)

    Larry Jansen was a two-time All Star and one of the top pitchers in Major League Baseball during the late 1940s and early 1950s. Born on July 16, 1920, in the rural Dutch community of Verboort, near Forest Grove, he began playing semi-professional baseball while he was a …

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  • St. John the Apostle Church

    St. John the Apostle, a Roman Catholic parish in Oregon City, was founded in 1844, more than a decade before Oregon attained statehood. One of the oldest Catholic parishes in the state, the church was the headquarters for the Diocese of Oregon City (now the Archdiocese of Portland) …

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  • St. Stanislaus Roman Catholic Church (Kościół Sw. Stanisława)

    For over a hundred years, the Roman Catholic parish of St. Stanislaus (Kościół Sw. Stanisława) has contributed to the vibrant and varied culture of northwestern Oregon. Established in 1908, the parish is located on what is now N. Interstate Avenue in Portland’s industrial district, near the large Polish immigrant …

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  • University of Portland Pilots women's soccer

    The women’s soccer team is the most successful athletic club at the University of Portland (UP), with multiple national championships and other awards. The team began competing in 1980 and, until the 1986 season, was part of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). In the 1986-1987 season, all women’s …

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