Mina Carson

Mina Carson is an assistant professor of American social and cultural history at Oregon State University. She teaches courses on the Progressive and New Deal eras, women in the twentieth century, American families, gay and lesbian movements, and the history of psychotherapy. She is also an accomplished musician and in 2004 co-authored Girls Rock: Fifty Years of Women Making Music.

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  • Art Alexakis (1962-)

    Art Alexakis is the lead singer and main songwriter for Everclear, an alternative rock band founded by Alexakis in Portland in 1992. In 2010, Everclear was in its third incarnation, still with Alexakis at the helm. Identified with the Northwest grunge/punk movement of the 1990s, Everclear was initially dogged by …

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    Founded in 1969, the Oregon Country Fair (OCF) is a self-sustaining annual gathering held on the second weekend of July in Veneta, about fifteen miles west of Eugene along the Long Tom River. It is a celebration and exposition of alternative lifestyles, products, and creative expressions. About 3,000 people attended …

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