Stewart Janes

Stewart Janes is a biology professor at Southern Oregon University. He received his BA in Zoology from the University of Montana, his MA in Biology from Portland State University, and his PhD in Biology from UCLA. Dr. Janes has studied and published on bird of prey ecology focusing on habitat selection and competition among species in the intermountain region of western North America. Most recently his research has focused on the function of birdsong among species with multiple song types including Black-throated Gray, Hermit, and Townsend's Warblers. In addition, his duties at SOU include training secondary science teachers.

Author's Entries

  • Oregon Junco

    A hundred years ago, many birds carried the name of “Oregon,” including Oregon Jays, Oregon Chickadees, Oregon Titmice, and Oregon Towhees. One by one, those names fell into disuse or were discarded. The last bird bearing the state's name is the Oregon Junco.  Juncos have considerable geographic variation, and many …

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  • Western Meadowlark

    On a fence post in Wheeler County, a sandy brown bird delivers a rich song, beginning with loud, clear, flute-like notes followed by a jumble of sweet notes. The stocky, robin-sized bird turns, revealing the yellow breast marked with a bold black “V” identifying it as a western meadowlark ( …

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