Erika Weisensee

Erika Weisensee teaches journalism and communication courses at the University of Portland. Her writing has appeared in numerous regional publications, including Portland Monthly, Livepdx (a Web publication), and Oregon Humanities Magazine. In 2003, she earned a master's degree in non-fiction writing from Portland State University. Erika lives in Milwaukie.

Author's Entries

  • Portland Rose Festival

    In 1905, when Portland Mayor Harry Lane addressed a crowd at the Lewis and Clark Exposition, one memorable phrase emerged from his otherwise-forgotten speech. Lane, who served as mayor from 1905 to 1909, told the audience that Portland needed an annual "festival of roses." Two years later, Portland hosted …

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  • Royal Rosarians

    In 1911, a delegation of ten businessmen represented Portland at Seattle's Golden Potlatch Festival. On the train ride home, the men agreed that Portland needed an official body to promote the Portland Rose Festival, and Portland in general. About a hundred men responded to the invitation to become Royal …

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