John Scott

John B. Scott is an assistant professor of history at Corban University in Salem. He holds an M.A. in History and Government from the University of Portland. He has written for and served on the editorial board of Willamette Valley Voices – the history journal of the Willamette Heritage Center. Along with his wife SuEllen, he enjoys studying the regional history, bird-life, and botany of the Pacific Northwest.  

Author's Entries

  • Minam River

    The Minam River Basin on the west side of the Wallowa Mountains is one of the most visited wilderness regions in Oregon, with 239 square miles of forested canyons, creeks, and mountains largely within the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area. The name comes from the Nez Perce word eminamah, which …

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  • Wenaha River

    The Wenaha (weh-NAH-ha) River, arguably eastern Oregon’s most pristine forested waterway, gives its name to the 176,557-acre Wenaha–Tucannon Wilderness Area in the northern Blue Mountains. Almost the entirety of the main stem of the river, 21.8 miles, is included in the National Wild and Scenic River System. The Wenaha …

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  • William Henry Rector (1806-1890)

    William Henry Rector was an Oregon pioneer, builder, business innovator, and political figure. He helped blaze the trail south of Mount Hood in 1845 and, with the help of his sons, he built the Oregon territorial capitol. He co-founded the Oregon Exchange Company, which minted Oregon Beaver money, and the …

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