Bob Reinhardt

Bob Reinhardt is an assistant professor in the department of history at Boise State University, where he teaches, researches, and writes about the history of the American West, environmental history, public history, and the history of public health. He served as the executive director of the Willamette Heritage Center, held a postdoctoral fellowship at Carnegie Mellon University, and taught at Western Oregon University and Willamette University. Bob is also the founder and director of Boise State University’s Working History Center.

Author's Entries

  • City of Detroit

    Fifty-one miles east of Salem on Oregon State Highway 22, Detroit sits alongside Detroit Lake, one mile north of the town’s original location on the North Santiam River. Detroit had its beginnings in 1889 as a work camp for the Oregon Pacific Railroad, but the 1890 bankruptcy of the company …

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  • City of Idanha

    Fifty-five miles east of Salem on Oregon State Highway 22, the town of Idanha has long been associated with travelers along this part of the North Santiam River. The Santiam Kalapuya passed through in pursuit of food and trade, as did Euro American fur trappers. The Oregon Pacific Railroad, which …

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  • Detroit Dam

    Forty-five miles east of Salem, Detroit Dam rises 463 feet out of the North Santiam River, looming large in the landscape and history of the North Santiam Canyon and the Willamette Valley. By the time it was completed in 1953, Detroit Dam and its regulating dam, Big Cliff Dam, …

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  • Marion Forks

    Deep in the Douglas-fir forests of the Cascades, Marion Forks is a small community and stopping place on State Highway 22, sixty-seven miles east of Salem. It is named for the Marion Fork of the Santiam River, now called Marion Creek. Molala, Kalapuya, and Warm Springs people …

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  • Mill City

    Straddling two counties (Marion and Linn) and one river (the North Santiam), Mill City is the largest town in the North Santiam Canyon of the western Cascade Mountains. The area’s first inhabitants were Kalapuya people, who came for the area’s abundant game, berries, and fish. Euro American settlers …

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