Antonio Huerta

Antonio Huerta was born and raised in Tapalpa, Jalisco, Mexico. He grew up informally practicing Charreria in his village alongside family members. He moved to the United States and received formal Charreria training from the Sanchez family in San Diego, California. Antonio currently practices Charreria with Caporales de Oregon, 2014 state champions. Antonio works at the University of Oregon doing outreach to families from under-represented backgrounds about the process to pursue higher education.

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  • Charrería

    Charrería is a Mexican sport that involves skillful roping, talented horsemanship, and working with cattle. Beginning in 1943, many of the braceros who worked in Oregon established residence in the state, and Latino communities in places such as the Willamette Valley, Klamath County, and eastern Oregon created spaces to …

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