Virginia Green

In 1999, within twenty-four hours of seeing Salem for the first time, Virginia Green decided to make her retirement home there on the shoreline of the historic Willamette River. As a former American Studies teacher, she had found the historic downtown appealing. Her experience as a librarian lead her to volunteer at Salem City Library where she made her first acquaintances and became a writer for the library's online publication, Salem Online History. This opportunity to learn about local historical events and personalities led to additional research projects, a series of which were published in the Statesman Journal. Her son, Thomas Nash Green Jr. contributed photographs as the research expanded and new topics were introduced. Now they invite you to join them in discovering the heritage of their adopted hometown as incorporated into their SHINE on Salem website (

Author's Entries

  • Asahel Bush House

    In 1878, Asahel Bush (1824-1913)—Oregon publisher, banker, and politician—moved into his new twelve-room house in Salem as a widower with four children, two of whom were attending school in the East. Now a museum, the two-story wooden building, designed by local architect Wilbur F. Boothby, is typical of the English …

    Oregon Encyclopedia

  • Sebastian C. Adams (1825-1898)

    Sebastian C. Adams provides an example of how the Christian missionary zeal of many early Oregon settlers was accompanied by exceptional entreprenurial talents. Adams was born into a Presbyterian family near Sandusky, Ohio, in 1825, and moved with his family to Galesburg, Illinois, when he was twelve. He briefly attended Knox College …

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