Shawn Daley

Shawn Daley is an Assistant Professor of Education at Concordia University in Portland, where his primary responsibility is to prepare future history and English secondary teachers. His research focuses on improving civic literacy and historical thinking skills among high school students. He is also the current president of the Oregon Council for Social Studies, and is completing his M.A. in history at Portland State, investigating labor and the Pacific Northwest.

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  • Concordia University

    In the summer of 1903, Dr. Francis Pieper, president of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, gave this directive to the Northwest convention of parishes: “You must grow your own crop.” He was responding to an agenda item that sought a way to obtain more ministers for Northwest congregations. Essentially, he said, …

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  • Hayden Island

    Hayden Island, a 1,400-acre island nine miles north of downtown Portland, is an important regional asset both in terms of commerce and natural resources. The west side of the island, located just south of the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers, has about 800 acres of undeveloped …

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  • Portland Rosebuds

    The Rosebuds, Portland’s first professional ice hockey team, was the first United States-based franchise to compete for the Stanley Cup. A member of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association (PCHA), the Rosebuds began as the New Westminster (B.C.) Royals and moved to Portland in 1914 in pursuit of a bigger …

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  • Will Daly (1869-1924)

    But for the dubious interference of the Oregonian, City Councilman Will Daly may have had the distinction of being Portland’s longest-serving mayor. Daly’s campaign to obtain leadership of the city was thwarted by the efforts of Oregonian editor Henry Pittock, who authorized staffers to burglarize Daly’s home. …

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