Sheri Bartlett Browne

Sheri Bartlett Browne, assistant professor of history at Tennessee State University, received her Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. Her research interests include the history of women writers and historians in the West, literary biography, and intellectual history. She is the author of Eva Emery Dye: Romance with the West and is currently writing a cultural biography of Frances Fuller Victor.

Author's Entries

  • Eva Emery Dye (1855-1947)

    As an impressionable and imaginative girl growing up in Illinois, Eva Emery pored over every historical novel written by Sir Walter Scott. Within the pages of Waverley, Rob Roy, and Ivanhoe, she found an inspiring concoction of chivalry, adventure, romance, and cross-cultural conflict. Later, as a student …

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  • Frances Fuller Victor (1826–1902)

    In 1869, the Overland Monthly and Out West Magazine featured "Manifest Destiny in the West," by acclaimed eastern novelist and Oregon immigrant Frances Fuller Victor. Displaying a forthright style and an intuitive grasp of the Far Western past, the essay was Victor's first foray into historical narrative. The themes she …

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