Ryan Madden

Dr. Ryan Madden has his Ph.D. from the University of New Hampshire in American History, a Masters from University of Vermont, and a Bachelors from UC Davis. He is the author of a book on the history of Alaska as well as numerous articles on Alaska Natives. Dr. Madden is a former History Professor at Western Washington University and Sheldon Jackson College. Currently he is the General Education coordinator for Oregon Tech’s Wilsonville campus and is member of Oregon Tech’s Social Science faculty. He teaches Globalization and the PNW, Introduction to Film, US History Survey courses and Pacific Northwest History.

Author's Entries

  • Oregon Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program

    The National Tsunami Warning System provides advance warning of earthquakes in distant locations that generate tsunamis with the potential to reach the Oregon coast. The warning is crucial in giving people enough notice to evacuate to higher ground along the Tsunami Evacuation routes that have been established in Oregon’s coastal …

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