Richard Kirk

Richard Kirk has lived in Sitkum, Oregon, for most of his life, where he writes, makes images, and runs nine (or is it ten?) head of cattle. His writing has appeared in Rogue River Echoes, and in 2007 he was awarded an Oregon Literary Fellowship (The Edna L. Holmes Fellowship in Young Readers Literature). His photographs have been exhibited in Coos Bay, Bandon, and Portland. He serves on the Coos Library Board, as well as the board for the Dora-Sitkum Rural Fire Protection District.

Author's Entries

  • Sitkum and Brewster Valley

    Seen from a ridge top, the green fields of Sitkum spread out like the placid surface of a lake. In fact, the valley floor once was a lake, formed 3,000 years ago when a massive landslide blocked the upper East Fork of the Coquille River. After hundreds of years, the …

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