Tom Hager

Eugene-based author Thomas Hager has written six books on health and science topics, more than 100 feature and news articles, and a number of websites. Hager started his writing career after earning a master's degree from the Oregon Health Sciences University, then a second in science journalism at the University of Oregon. He interned at the National Cancer Institute, freelanced, and was a news correspondent for the Journal of the American Medical Association. At the University of Oregon he edited Oregon Quarterly magazine, served as the UO’s Director of Communications and Marketing, and directed the University of Oregon Press.

Author's Entries

  • Linus Pauling (1901-1994)

    Linus Pauling, who was born, raised, and educated in Oregon, became one of the world’s leading scientists and the only person to win two unshared Nobel Prizes. Among his many achievements, he defined the nature of the chemical bond, discovered basic protein structures, and pinpointed the cause of sickle-cell anemia. …

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