Bob Boyd

Bob Boyd has taught for thirty years in the Bend-LaPine School District and has been associated with the High Desert Museum since its opening in 1982. He is currently the Museum's western history curator and curated a number of exhibits that focus on the region's history, including Buckaroo! The Hispanic Heritage of the High Desert, Amerikanuak! Basques in the High Desert, Gum San: Land of the Golden Mountain, and A Century of Service: The U.S. Forest Service in the High Desert.

Author's Entries

  • Buckaroos

    For over a century-and-a-half, buckaroos have done the work on the ranches and rangeland of southeastern Oregon. They are a distinctive brand of the legendary American cowboy who evolved from the vaqueros (a Spanish word similar to cowboy) of early California. In 1769, Gaspar de Portola's expedition began the Spanish …

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  • High Desert Museum

    The High Desert Museum was an outgrowth of the Western Natural History Institute, established by Donald M. Kerr in 1974. A native of Portland, Kerr was an instructor at the Oregon Zoo and chief biologist for the Oregon chapter of the Nature Conservancy. He had a life-long interest in …

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