Bob Boyd

Bob Boyd has taught for thirty years in the Bend-LaPine School District and has been associated with the High Desert Museum since its opening in 1982. He is currently the Museum's western history curator and curated a number of exhibits that focus on the region's history, including Buckaroo! The Hispanic Heritage of the High Desert, Amerikanuak! Basques in the High Desert, Gum San: Land of the Golden Mountain, and A Century of Service: The U.S. Forest Service in the High Desert.

Author's Entries

  • Buckaroos

    For over a century-and-a-half, buckaroos have done the work on the ranches and rangeland of southeastern Oregon. They are a distinctive brand of the legendary American cowboy who evolved from the vaqueros (a Spanish word similar to cowboy) of early California. In 1769, Gaspar de Portola's expedition began the Spanish colonial …

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  • High Desert Museum

    The High Desert Museum was an outgrowth of the Western Natural History Institute, established by Donald M. Kerr in 1974. A native of Portland, Kerr was an instructor at the Oregon Zoo and chief biologist for the Oregon chapter of the Nature Conservancy. He had a life-long interest in birds-of-prey and …

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