Cornelia Paraskevas

Cornelia Paraskevas was born in Athens, Greece, where she completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Athens (B.A. in English, 1980). With the help of a Fulbright scholarship, she completed her M.A. in Linguistics at the Univeristy of Kansas (1982). She earned a Ph.D. in Linguistics from the Univeristy of Kansas in 1987. Her research interests include language and immigration, the contact zone between grammar and writing, style, and pedagogical linguistics. Since 1989, she has been teaching linguistics and composition theory at Western Oregon University. She is married and has two children.

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  • Greek Community in Oregon

    Greek immigrants arrived in Portland in the early 1900s, part of the largest immigration from that country to the United States. Roughly 1.5 percent of that country’s population—195,000 people—left Greece because of lack of land and job opportunities, crop failures, the dowry system, and heavy taxation. In most cases, the …

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