Nick Blackbourn

Nick Blackbourn holds a Ph.D. in history from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. His dissertation is on U.S. Cold War history during the presidency of Jimmy Carter. He is a content strategist at FULL Creative in Edinburgh.

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  • Alkali Lake Chemical Waste Disposal Site

    The Alkali Lake Chemical Waste Disposal site—located thirty-five miles east of Christmas Valley and sixty miles north of Lakeview—has contributed a controversial environmental and financial legacy to Oregon. The isolated, fenced-off, ten-acre site contains covered trenches that hold the remnants of 25,000 fifty-five-gallon drums full of chemical waste. In …

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  • Christmas Valley Air Force Station

    The Christmas Valley Air Force Station, established in the late Cold War era, was a 2,622-acre site located 16 miles east of Christmas Valley. The facility was the transmitting unit of a radar defense system and was composed of 216 antennae that range from 35 to 135 feet high. The …

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  • Kelly Butte Civil Defense Center and Kelly Butte Natural Area

    Kelly Butte Natural Area is publicly owned land located six miles southeast of downtown Portland, near the intersection of Powell Boulevard and Interstate 205. Covering an area of 22.63 acres, the area forms part of the extinct Boring Lava Field, a volcanic field of around 32 cones all within …

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