Darrell Millner

Dr. Darrell Millner has a B.A. in English from California State Polytechnic University and a PhD in Education from the University of Oregon. He served as Department Chair of Black Studies from 1984-1995 at Portland State University and is currently Professor Emeritus and continues to teach as an adjunct faculty member. He serves on numerous local, regional, and national boards and organizations. He is an expert on the history of African-Americans in the western movement with a special focus on the Oregon and California trail experiences, early Oregon and California black history, and the history of the Black Buffalo soldiers in the Indian wars. He is also an expert on Black cinema history and the development and perpetuation of negative racial stereotypes.

Author's Entries

  • Blacks in Oregon

    Periodically, newspaper or magazine articles appear proclaiming amazement at how white the population of Oregon and the City of Portland is compared to other parts of the country. It is not possible to argue with the figures—in 2017, there were an estimated 91,000 Blacks in Oregon, about 2 percent of …

    Oregon Encyclopedia

  • York (ca. 1770–?)

    York was William Clark's slave and an integral member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, sent by President Thomas Jefferson to explore the Louisiana Territory and the Oregon Country in 1804–1806. The written descriptions of York portray him as large, dark, strong, and agile. His date of birth is …

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