Maureen Flanagan Battistella

Maureen Flanagan Battistella is a librarian by training and inclination and now has a faculty appointment in the Sociology and Anthropology program at Southern Oregon University. Her research interests include culinary narrative, agricultural land use, and heritage preservation. She is the curator of the Stories of Southern Oregon project published on YouTube and in the Southern Oregon Digital Archives at Southern Oregon University’s Hannon Library.

Author's Entries

  • Antoinette Marie Kuzmanich Hatfield (1929–)

    Antoinette Hatfield’s talents and sense of style and her support of the arts in Oregon have earned her a place in American political history. With her organizational and culinary skills, she transformed food and fashion into political currency and social capital, both in Oregon and in Washington, D.C., helping to …

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  • Kate Wilhelm (1928-2018)

    Kate Wilhelm was a prolific and award-winning author best known for her science fiction, fantasy, and speculative fiction and her mystery and suspense writing. She is considered a master of psychological fiction. Wilhelm was the first recipient of the Solstice Award, presented to her in 2009 by the Science Fiction …

    Oregon Encyclopedia

  • Oregon Vortex (House of Mystery)

    The Oregon Vortex and House of Mystery, located on Sardine Creek in Gold Hill, is one of Oregon’s oldest and most original examples of Roadside Americana. Opened to tourists in 1930, the attraction is the earliest documented mystery spot or gravitational hill in the United States—a place where bubble levels, …

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  • Phillip Margolin (1944–)

    Phillip Michael Margolin is a Portland lawyer and as of 2019 the author of more than twenty New York Times best-selling legal thrillers. His first novel, Heartstone, published in 1978 by Pocket Books, was based on the 1960 murders of Larry Peyton and Beverly Allen in Portland. After …

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