Lawrence Powers

Lawrence Wade Powers, Ph.D., was educated in biology (B.S., Wayne State University; M.S., University of Oregon; Ph.D., University of Texas) and taught at City College of New York, University of Mississippi, University of South Alabama, and Oregon Institute of Technology, and was a Research Associate in Department of Invertebrates at American Museum of Natural History. He also conducted field work in behavioral ecology with marine invertebrates in Bermuda, Florida, South Carolina, and Texas and worked at Crater Lake National Park at the Science and Learning Center. His interests are in Oregon history, fauna, geography, and geology. He is retired from his position as the Dean of Health, Arts and Sciences at OIT in Klamath Falls.

Author's Entries

  • Linkville and the Moore Family

    The outpost of Linkville (present-day Klamath Falls) was established by George Nurse (1820–1905) in 1867 at the juncture of the Link River and Lake Ewauna. In 1874, William S. Moore (1829–1899) entered the Klamath Basin, where he built and operated a sawmill at the Klamath Agency. In 1877, he and …

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  • Pika

    American pikas are small chinchilla-like mammals, related to rabbits and hares. They are one of thirty species of the genus Ochotona, also known as rock rabbits or conies, found in Eastern Europe, the steppes and mountains of Asia, and western North America. As of 2010, staff at Western units …

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  • Rough-skinned newt

    Rough-skinned newts (Taricha granulosa Skilton) are large, conspicuous salamanders that can reach lengths of 22 centimeters (8 inches). Newts are distributed along the Pacific Northwest coast from southeastern Alaska to the Bay Area of central California. In Oregon, they extend from sea level to the tops of the Cascades, …

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