Philip Cogswell

Philip Cogswell Jr. is a retired associate editor of the Oregonian. During his thirty-two-year career with the newspaper, he held various writing and editing positions, including Washington, D.C., correspondent, forum section editor, and deputy editorial page editor. During the summer of 1963, he was a congressional intern for Rep. Edith Green.

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  • Constance Averill McCready (1921–2000)

    Connie McCready was the second woman to serve as mayor of Portland, at the end of a fourteen-year political career that included two terms as a state representative and nine years on the Portland City Council. A lifelong Republican, she was a self-described maverick in her political positions and …

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  • Edith Starrett Green (1910-1987)

    Democrat Edith Starrett Green represented Oregon’s 3rd Congressional District from 1955 through 1974. During her twenty years in the U.S. House of Representatives, she gained a national reputation for her leadership in shaping federal education policy and her advocacy for equal rights for women. She was known for her independence, …

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  • Mildred Schwab (1917-1999)

    A Portland city commissioner for fourteen years, Mildred Schwab was known for her sharp tongue, colorful personality, and frugality regarding city funds. A lover of music and an accomplished pianist, she played an important role as the commissioner in charge of the development of the Portland Center for the Performing …

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  • Terry Schrunk (1913-1975)

    Terrence Doyle "Terry" Schrunk served as mayor of Portland for sixteen years, from 1957 to 1972. It was a time of business growth and redevelopment for the city, and Schrunk's tenure as mayor was one of the longest in Portland's history. Shrunk was born on March 10, 1913, on …

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