Warren Aney

Warren Aney enlisted in the Oregon Army National Guard in 1953 and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in 1958. He served in the Guard until 1996, with assignments as platoon leader, company commander, battalion intelligence officer, operations sergeant, and intelligence sergeant. His last assignment was six years as Oregon Army National Guard staff historian and he continues to serve as a contract historian.  Aney’s professional civilian career is in wildlife ecology with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and as a private consultant. He received a BS in fish and game management at Oregon State College and an MA in ecological studies from Oregon State University.

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  • 1st Oregon Volunteer Infantry

    During the 1860s, the major military-Indian conflicts of the Pacific Northwest were in the Great Basin and Snake River areas of southeastern Oregon and southern Idaho. These conflicts were called the Snake Indian Wars, because settlers and the military tended to lump all Shoshone, Bannock, and Paiute of this region …

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  • 2nd Oregon Volunteer Infantry

    Relations between the United States and Spain were already strained over control of Cuba and its resources when the battleship USS Maine mysteriously exploded in Havana Harbor on February 15, 1898. Spain had been accused of cruelly crushing rebels fighting for independence in its Cuba and Philippine colonies, and newspapers …

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  • 41st Infantry Division

    The 41st Division of the Army National Guard was organized on July 18, 1917, at Camp Greene, North Carolina, under the command of Major General Hunter Liggett. The division was composed of recently federalized National Guard troops from the Northwest and Midwest, including the Oregon National Guard's Third Infantry Regiment. …

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    The 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion, nicknamed the "Triple Nickles" (using the English spelling of 'nickel'), was a World War II African American unit of the U.S. Army stationed in Pendleton in 1945. The battalion, first organized in November 1943 at Fort Benning, Georgia, was made up of voluntary transfers from …

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