Karen Lafky Nygaard

Karen Lafky Nygaard, born in 1925, grew up on a family farm in Tualatin. She earned degrees in Journalism and Music from Lewis & Clark College in Portland. After years as a magazine editor and music teacher in New York City, she returned to her hometown where she co-founded the Tualatin Historical Society in 1987, and later co-authored the history book Tualatin...From the Beginning. She was active as a Tualatin church choir director and she sang with the Portland Symphonic Choir. Later she sang with the Camerata Singers of Long Beach, California. Karen passed away in 2011.

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  • Tualatin, City of

    The City of Tualatin is twelve miles south of Portland, on the southeastern edge of Washington County and extending into Clackamas County. The town was an early EuroAmerican settlement in the Tualatin Plains, a highly productuve agricultural area with wide, open areas and fertile soil which attracted many emigrants …

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