Jewel Lansing

Jewel Lansing, author of Portland: People, Politics, and Power, 1851-2001 published in 2003, is the author of two books about women and politics (now out-of-print) and one about growing-up in Montana (My Montana: A History and Memoir, 1930 to 1950, published 2007).  She served twelve years as Portland's elected city and county auditor, where she pioneered performance auditing in Oregon local government.  Jewel is currently co-authoring a book tentatively titled Multnomah Milestones, The Tumultuos Story of Oregon's Most Populous County.  She holds a BA degree in journalism, University of Montana, and an MA degree in counseling and guidance, Stanford University.

Author's Entries

  • Ira Keller (1899-1978)

    The Keller Fountain at Southwest Fourth and Clay in Portland memorializes Ira Keller, the long-time, autocratic chair of the Portland Development Commission (PDC). Keller—controversial, committed, and temperamental—served as PDC’s first chair. At the time of his death in 1978, the Oregon Journal noted that Keller had early on announced that …

    Oregon Encyclopedia

  • William S. Ladd (1826-1893)

    At age twenty-seven, William Sargent Ladd was the youngest mayor to ever serve in Portland. Ladd is best known, however, for his business acumen, his philanthropy, and his civic involvement, and for the distinctive 128-acre Ladd's Addition in southeast Portland that he created in 1891. As the city's fifth mayor …

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