June Arima Schumann

June Arima Schumann is a Nikkei who was born in Japan of a Japanese American mother and a Japanese national father. When she was 11, she came to the United States classed as an alien dependent of a U.S. citizen. She grew up in Denver and received a B.A. in art education at Ottawa University in Kansas, and an M.S.W. at Temple University. Her professional career for over thirty years was as policy and program planner in gerontology services. She is one of the founders and the first director for the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center, established in 1998.

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  • Japanese American Museum of Oregon

    The Japanese American Museum of Oregon is in Portland’s Old Town, the heart of the city’s historic Japantown. Originally named the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center, the museum was established by the Oregon Nikkei Endowment in 1998 to preserve and honor the history and culture of Japanese Americans in the …

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