Tania Hyatt-Evenson

Tania Hyatt-Evenson is the Editorial and Outreach Coordinator for The Oregon Encyclopedia. She graduated from Portland State University in 2005 with a Master of Arts Degree in History with a focus on environmental and public history. From 2001 to 2007 she worked as the Education Programs Coordinator at the Oregon Historical Society. She currently enjoys researching the history of Oregon's rural towns.  She sings with the Choral Arts Ensemble of Portland of which she has been a member for over twenty-five years.

Author's Entries

  • Colegio César Chávez

    Colegio César Chávez, located in Mt. Angel in the lower Willamette Valley, was the first four-year accredited Chicano-run college in the United States. The college, which operated from 1973 to 1983, represented the needs and activism of the Chicano community in Oregon at a time when many Latino and …

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  • Five Oaks Museum (Washington County Museum)

    The Five Oaks Museum, formerly known as the Washington County Museum, is one of the oldest historical institutions in Washington County. An independent nonprofit organization, the Five Oaks’ mission is to provide “a gathering place of vibrant art, culture and storytelling.” Throughout its history the institution has collected, preserved, and …

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  • Grass Valley

    Early EuroAmericans traveling through north-central Oregon just east of the Deschutes River were amazed by how tall the rye grass was. When a small town was established there in the 1870s, founder Charles Rollins named it Grass Valley. “Grass so tall that it stood over a man’s head,” one early …

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  • Sherman County Courthouse

    The Sherman County Courthouse in Moro is one of only three county courthouses in Oregon to be used continuously since its construction in the nineteenth century. The other two courthouses are in Benton, and Polk Counties. Built in 1899, the Sherman County Courthouse is an example of understated Queen Anne …

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  • Spray

    The hamlet of Spray is located on the banks of the John Day River among the basalt rimrock of north-central Oregon, about thirty-six miles southeast of Fossil. With a backdrop of sagebrush-dotted hills, the town is on the semi-arid north flank of the Blue Mountains at 1,792 feet altitude. …

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  • Wasco

    Wheat farming, ranching, and wind turbines drive the economy of the small town of Wasco, in Sherman County, about nine miles south of the Columbia River in north-central Oregon. Wasco is known for its proximity to the Oregon Trail, which emigrants traveled a mile and a half to the …

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