Heike Mayer

Heike Mayer is an associate professor of urban planning at Virginia Tech in Alexandria. In 2003, she received her Ph.D. in Urban Studies from Portland State University with a dissertation that examined the role of Tektronix and Intel in the evolution of the Silicon Forest, Portland’s high-technology cluster. In her research, she examines the growth of high-technology industries in so-called second-tier regions such as Portland, Oregon, and Boise, Idaho.

Author's Entries

  • Forest Service Radio Lab

    The Forest Service Radio Laboratory (FSRL)—located in Portland from 1933 until 1951—pioneered the development and use of low power, lightweight, shortwave wireless radio sets. This innovation provided a way for forest rangers and firefighters to communicate in the rugged, forested terrains of the Pacific Northwest. Wireless radio was much more …

    Oregon Encyclopedia

  • Tektronix Inc

    Tektronix, one of Oregon's most prominent and innovative high-technology companies, was founded in 1946 and quickly grew into the world's leading manufacturer of specialized test and measurement instruments. Tektronix is widely credited with commercializing the first oscilloscope that incorporated the "triggered sweep circuit," which allowed users to pick up and …

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