George Wisner

George Wisner is a retired newspaper reporter, archaeologist, industrial historian and free-lance writer living in Monroe, Oregon. He has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from California State University at Los Angeles, and a master’s degree in interdisciplinary studies (anthropology, archaeology and history) from Oregon State University. His major publications include Hull-Oakes Lumber Company’s Steam-Powered Sawmill: A Case Study in Industrial Archaeology (1998) and Trees to Lumber ~ McDonald-Dunn Forest: A Historic Look at Sawmilling (1992). For more than fifteen years he has worked as an archaeological technician for a variety of federal agencies and private firms.

Author's Entries

  • Hull-Oakes Lumber Company and mill

    The historic steam-powered sawmill complex of the Hull-Oakes Lumber Company occupies approximately twenty-eight acres on the east slope of the Coast Range in Monroe. Timber industry trade groups, including the Western Wood Products Association in Portland, consider the mill to be one of the last commercially viable steam-powered long and …

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