George Katagiri

George Katagiri, a Portland native, was a founding member of the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center, a community historian, and author of numerous articles and publications on Japanese American history. He was the coordinator of a state traveling exhibit on first-generation Japanese that prompted the collection of family artifacts and photographs throughout the state. Incarcerated at the Portland Assembly Center during World War II, he eventually served with the U.S. occupation forces in Japan. A teacher and state science education specialist, Katagiri was named the “Oregon Employee of the Year” in 1969. He died in June 2009.

Author's Entries

  • Japanese Americans in Oregon

    Immigrants from the West Resting in the shade of the Gresham Pioneer Cemetery, there is a grave marker with the name Miyo Iwakoshi. The name is not widely known in Oregon, but it is historically significant since Iwakoshi was the matriarch of the first Japanese family to settle in the …

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  • Oshu Nippo

    For early Japanese immigrants to Oregon, a Japanese-language newspaper was their only contact with the world. In Portland, Shinsaburo Ban was a major labor contractor who placed thousands of men in jobs throughout Oregon, Idaho, and states as far away as Montana and Colorado. His store, located on Northwest …

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