Tim Alan Garrison

Tim Alan Garrison is professor of history at Portland State University. He is the author of The Legal Ideology of Removal: The Southern Judiciary and the Sovereignty of Native American Nations and several other books and articles on the history of the Indian Removal crisis and United States Indian policy. He also serves as the pre-law advisor for Clemson University.  

Author's Entries

  • Leonard Levy (1923 - 2006)

    Leonard W. Levy, who completed his professional career at Southern Oregon University, was a prolific student of American legal and constitutional history. He wrote or edited over forty books, including Origins of the Fifth Amendment: The Right Against Self-Incrimination, for which he received the 1969 Pulitzer Prize in …

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  • United States v. Tom (1853)

    In United States v. Tom, the Oregon Territorial Supreme Court questioned the principle of federal supremacy over American Indian affairs in the territory and attempted to establish a standard that, at least in this case, would require Oregon courts to consider the interests of the “white population.” The case …

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