E.W. Giesecke

E.W. Giesecke was born in Portland. He graduated from the University of Oregon in 1949 and received an M.A. from Auburn University in 1971. He taught American history and political science at a southeastern U.S. college and did historical research with a U.S. project in Europe for several years. Giesecke served twenty-five years in personnel administration for the states of Oregon, Washington, and Virginia and and had fifteen years of active duty with the USAF. He has published in Terrae Incognitae, the Oregon Historical Quarterly, Mains'l Haul, and Columbia, and has written two books on Pacific maritime history. He passed away in 2015.

Author's Entries

  • Tonquin (ship)

    The Tonquin, built in 1807, was described by Edmund Fanning, its builder, as “a first-rate ship and fast sailing vessel.” The ninety-four-foot, three-masted ship was copper bottomed and carried ten small cannon, mounted. On a day of strong wind in late March 1811, the crew of the Tonquin, out …

    Oregon Encyclopedia

  • Wilson Price Hunt (1783-1842)

    In 1809, John Jacob Astor selected Wilson Price Hunt to be his St. Louis agent for a new enterprise—the Pacific Fur Company—and to lead an overland expedition to establish a fur post at the mouth of the Columbia River. Hunt was born at Asbury, New Jersey, in 1783. …

    Oregon Encyclopedia

  • Winship Settlement

    The first house built by non-Natives In Oregon Country that was intended to be permanent was built on the south shore of the Columbia River in June 1810. Nathan Winship of Boston warped his ship, the Albatross, forty miles up the river to Oak Point, a few miles northeast …

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