David Milholland

David Milholland is co-founder and president of the Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission. Born in 1946 in Greeley, Colorado, Milholland moved to Lakeview in Oregon’s high desert just before kindergarten. The eldest offspring of life-long educators, Milholland thrived for a decade in Lakeview’s brisk, mile-high air. He was a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala before receiving a B.A. in 1971 from Lewis & Clark College. A Portland resident and prize-winning filmmaker, editor, and author, Milholland won the 2004 Stewart Holbrook Award for “significant contributions to Oregon’s literary arts.”

Author's Entries

  • Dorothea Lange in Oregon

    One of America’s best-known photographers, Dorothea Lange captured some of the most evocative and recognizable images of Oregon during the Great Depression. From 1935 to 1939, she worked as a field investigator and photographer with the Resettlement Administration, a New Deal agency that was subsumed by the new Farm Security …

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