Donnie/Don Horn

Donald Horn aka Donnie wears many hats. He founded triangle productions! in 1989. He produced all of the company's 235-plus shows and opened three theatre spaces, including their current space at The Sandy Plaza. He is the author of fifteen books including Crumbs of Love, Agapi Mu, and The Sergeant Spiros Crime Series. He wrote two books about Gracie Hansen (including her biography Gracie and Gracie Hansen's Paradise), and a biography of Portland's own Walter Cole/Darcelle, called Looking from My Mirror (2019). He is also a playwright, writing sixteen musicals and plays, which include the world premiere of That’s No Lady about Walter Cole/Darcelle in September 2019 and Sex on the River in 2022, about Nancy Boggs. 

Author's Entries

  • Gracie Diana Hansen (1922-1985)

    For being a little over five feet tall, Gracie Hansen stood out in a crowd. Maybe it was her wild boa, her hat creations, or her contagious laugh. It could have been the jokes she told. She believed in the best for everyone, which compelled her to run for governor …

    Oregon Encyclopedia

  • Nancy Boggs Mullery (1833–1905)

    From the mid-1870s through the 1890s, as Portland grew into the largest regional shipping and commercial center south of Seattle, a number of brothels and "parlor houses" became part of the city’s landscape. Most bordellos were north of Burnside Street, on the North End, but Nancy Boggs established one of …

    Oregon Encyclopedia