Sy Adler

Sy Adler has been teaching Urban Studies and Planning at Portland State University since 1982. He's done extensive research about the history and politics of transportation, land use, and environmental planning in the Portland metropolitan area, and about the early history and evolution of the Oregon statewide land use planning program. 

Author's Entries

  • Hector Macpherson (1918-2015)

    Hector Macpherson Jr. received the Distinguished Leadership Award for a Citizen Planner from the American Planning Association in 1999, the same year the association designated Senate Bill 100 a National Planning Landmark. Macpherson, a Linn County Republican senator, had co-sponsored the bill during the 1973 legislative session. During that same …

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  • L. B. Day (1932-1986)

    L.B. Day was one of a handful of political giants who played leadership roles during an important period in Oregon history, from the mid-1960s until his death in 1986. A large man with a booming voice, his contemporaries characterized him as a doer and a head-knocker and as brusque and …

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  • Senate Bill 10

    The enactment of Senate Bill 10 in 1969 was a crucial step on the path to Oregon’s landmark Senate Bill 100, passed in 1973, and the adoption of the goals that are the heart of the state’s land-use planning program. Oregon was the second state in the nation, after …

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