Gary Albright

Gary Albright is the Director of the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum and has extensive museum experience throughout North America. He has undergraduate degrees from Robert Morris University and a Master's Degree in Public Administration from the University of Pittsburgh. Gary is a Marine Corps veteran, has worked as a counselor with at-risk youth, has worked as an independent furniture maker, and retired in 1997 as HUD's District Inspector General for the Pacific.

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  • Leonard Wallulis (1902-1977)

    Leonard Wallulis was one of the most colorful lumberjacks in Oregon history, putting on Paul Bunyan demonstrations and winning contests in front of thousands of spectators. He made his living working in the woods of the Oregon Coast at a time when a timber faller's speed was the crucial determinant …

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  • Tillamook Bay

    Tillamook Bay, which encompasses a 597-square-mile watershed, is the largest of the five bays in Tillamook County. The bay is fed by five principal rivers: the Wilson, Trask, Miami, Tillamook, and Kilchis. It supports a strong oyster industry and provides excellent salmon fishing and commercial crabbing. Sport and charter fishing …

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