Dan Haneckow

Dan Haneckow writes about Portland, the Northwest, and transportation topics. He arrived in Oregon from Newport, Rhode Island, after his parents chose to retire in Klamath Falls following a career with the U.S. Navy. He has lived in Portland since 1990. His projects include presentations at the Architectural Heritage Center of the Bosco Milligan Foundation, the Car Free Cities conference held in Portland in 2008, and Winterail in 2004. His work has appeared in Trains Magazine and Pacific Rail News. He writes about Portland History in a blog called Cafe Unknown.

Author's Entries

  • Great Light Way (3rd St., Portland)

    Portland’s Third Street reinvented itself as The Great Light Way in June 1914 by installing a series of arcaded lights over each intersection from Yamhill to Burnside streets. Third Street merchants were concerned that the commercial center of town was drifting to the west, away from the Willamette River …

    Oregon Encyclopedia

  • Hoyt Hotel

    Opened in May 1912 to serve the traveling public and capitalize on Portland's burgeoning convention business, the Hoyt Hotel at Northwest Sixth Avenue and Hoyt Street was advertised as modern and fireproof. It "operated in a first class manner,” the Oregon Journal reported, “with modest prices." For the next …

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