Barbara Yasui

Barbara Yasui is a third generation Japanese American whose family has lived in Oregon for over a century.  Yasui received her B.A. from Stanford University and M.Ed. from the University of Washington.  When she was an undergraduate, she spent one summer doing research on people of Japanese ancestry who lived in Oregon prior to World War II, which led to the publication of an article in the Oregon Historical Quarterly.  Yasui currently lives in Seattle and is a Senior Associate at Everyday Democracy.

Author's Entries

  • Shinzaburo Ban (1854-1926)

    Shinzaburo Ban was a Japanese businessman who was instrumental in bringing people of Japanese ancestry to Oregon. Though primarily known as a labor contractor, he was a jack of all trades, with business interests in a variety of enterprises: several mercantile stores, a newspaper, a post office, a sugar beet …

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