Brian W. Johnson

Throughout his professional career Brian has focused on the collection and analysis of research data in both the biological and social sciences. This included work as a Research Psychologist at SRI, a Game Biologist at the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, an Education Specialist at the Oregon Department of Education, and an Associate Research Professor at Western Oregon University. Brian and his wife also operated their own research company for twelve years studying marine mammals in both the wild and captivity. Brian's ancestors settled in Oregon in 1843 so his lifelong interest in Oregon history comes naturally. Since retiring in 2018 he has devoted much of his free time to researching many lesser known people and events in Oregon's history. Brian, along with his brother Bruce Johnson, is also currently working on two books about their ancestor, John B. Waldo.

Author's Entries

  • MacDonald F. (Donald or Don) Mayer (1884–1966)

    MacDonald F. Mayer worked as an architect in Portland from early 1911 to 1915 before taking his talents to New York, Wisconsin, and Florida. While in Portland, he and his partner Folger Johnson designed several buildings, including some that would be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. …

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