Cynthia Basye

Before moving to Oregon, Cynthia Basye taught in elementary and university classrooms in New Mexico. She was the Education Manager for the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center 2015 - 2018 (now the Japanese American Museum of Oregon). She has continued her involvement as a board member and volunteer with the museum. She earned a BS and MA in Education from the University of New Mexico, and PhD in Education from Oregon State University. She has a strong interest in the ways students construct their understanding of history, and in the environments, resources and strategies that support their understanding.


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  • Daiichi Takeoka (1882–1954)

    Seventeen-year-old Daiichi Takeoka arrived in Portland in 1900 with a limited education from his home in a rural section of Hiroshima, Japan. By the 1920s, his knowledge of the law and his fluency in English enabled him to begin a lifelong fight against discrimination. For decades, he acted as a …

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  • Portland Temporary Detention Center (Portland Assembly Center)

    From May 2 to September 10, 1942, an eleven-acre building on the south side of Marine Drive in Portland, just west of the Interstate Bridge, was transformed into the Portland Temporary Detention Center, also known as the Portland Assembly Center. The Pacific International Livestock Exposition, located next to stockyards …

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