Christine Chute

Christine Chute is a retired lawyer who lives in Salem.  She became interested in the history of the western Willamette Valley while living in rural Polk County.  She used to serve on the board of the Sheridan (Oregon) Museum of History.

Author's Entries

  • Daniel Rives Kistler (1949–)

    Rives Kistler served on the Oregon Supreme Court for fifteen years, from 2003 to 2018. His work on the court was marked by his willingness to undertake meticulous reasoning in legally complex cases, including Klamath Irrigation Dist. v. United States (2010), relating to water rights in the Klamath River Basin; …

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  • Joni Huntley (1956–)

    As a seventeen-year-old senior at Sheridan High School, Joni Huntley became the first American woman to jump six feet in the high jump. She set four U.S. women’s records in the high jump in 1974–1975, won a gold medal in 1975 and a bronze medal in 1983 at the Pan …

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  • Richard Douglas “Dick” Fosbury (1947–2023)

    Dick Fosbury changed the high jump forever when he won a gold medal at the 1968 Olympic Games using a new style of his own invention. Fosbury won and set a new Olympic record of 7 feet, 4¼ inches using a style he had created as a teenager. Although coaches …

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