Dale Baer

Dale Baer was born in 1945, into a small farming community in southern Illinois, where he learned to hunt morel mushrooms. He spent 30 years working for the Pacific Northwest Research Station doing forest inventory in Oregon, Washington, and California. Since 1994, he has worked as an outdoor educator in watershed ecology with Wolftree and Straub Environmental. He joined the Willamette Valley Mushroom Society in 2015 to further his interest in mycology, primarily learning to find, identify, grow, cook, and eat mushrooms and to use fungi to improve the food web in his garden.

Author's Entries

  • Chanterelle Mushrooms

    Chanterelle mushroom refers to a group of mushrooms that usually have a funnel-like shape and ridges, instead of gills or pores, that extend down the stem on the underside of the cap. In 1999, the Oregon legislature chose the Pacific golden chanterelle as the official state mushroom, which is found …

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