Jad D'Allura

Jad D’Allura received his Ph.D. in geology in 1977 at U.C. Davis. He worked for Texaco in the L.A. basin and offshore as an exploration geologist for two years. He was a professor of geology for 30 years at Southern Oregon University before joining the SOU chemistry department as an adjunct since retirement. He continues his geologic research in volcanic rocks of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument in southwest Oregon with summer assistance from U.O., O.S.U, and Sonoma State undergraduate seniors. One day he may really retire.

Author's Entries

  • Pilot Rock (geologic feature)

    Located east of Siskiyou Pass inside the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, Pilot Rock is a prominent landmark in southwestern Oregon, protruding from the skyline of the Rogue-Klamath watershed divide like a hitchhiker’s thumb. The Upland Takelma people, who could see the rock rising above the horizon from their homeland on the …

    Oregon Encyclopedia

  • Siskiyou Mountains in Oregon

    Southwestern Oregon’s Siskiyou Mountains, which comprise the largest subrange of the Klamath Mountains, are distinctive in their geology, biology, and history. The rugged terrain includes some of the oldest rocks in Oregon, and the mountains support by far the most diverse flora in the state. As a subrange of the …

    Oregon Encyclopedia

  • Table Rocks

    The Table Rocks, two large mesas north of Medford, rise nearly 800 feet from the north side of the Rogue River, opposite where Little Butte Creek and Bear Creek join the river from the south. Lower Table Rock is the downstream, westernmost mesa, while Upper Table Rock is …

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