Alice Mullaly

Alice Mullaly is descended from a long line of Oregonians and has a deep interest in Oregon history. She taught mathematics for over 40 years and has lived near Central Point much of her life, where she lives with her family in a home her parents built. As a long-time volunteer with the Southern Oregon Historical Society, Alice has written over 300 historical vignettes for the Jefferson Public Radio series As It Was and has given many talks on local history.

Author's Entries

  • Central Point

    Central Point is located about thirteen miles south of Table Rocks in the Rogue River/Bear Creek Valley. The town was named in 1852 by Isaac Constant, who resettled land at a “central point” where two major roads converged—one headed west to Jacksonville and Butte Creek and the …

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  • John Mathews (c. 1816–1885)

    Born into slavery in North Carolina in 1818, John Dudley Mathews (née John Mask) was a stock breeder and grain farmer and a respected member of the Little Butte community of Eagle Point in Jackson County. He mapped the route of the U.S. Army military road from the Rogue …

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