Terry Ozbun

Terry Ozbun is an archaeologist at Archaeological Investigations Northwest, Inc. (AINW), in Portland, Oregon, where he has authored and coauthored hundreds of cultural resource compliance reports, as well as journal articles and book chapters on archaeological work done throughout Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. His specialized research on lithic technology involves experimental stone tool manufacture and use to replicate technologies involving ancient weaponry, animal butchery, food processing, and hide, bone, wood, and antler working. Knowledge from these experiments informs analyses of stone tool industries represented by artifacts found at archaeological sites.

Author's Entries

  • Burnett Site (Lake Oswego)

    The Burnett Site (35CL96), located on a terrace above the Willamette River in a private residential neighborhood within the City of Lake Oswego, is one of the oldest archaeological sites in the Pacific Northwest, dating back to the transition from the Late Pleistocene to the Early Holocene. Over 7,000 …

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