Michael J. Allen

Mike Allen is a freelance editorial writer and copywriter in Portland. A graduate of Portland State University and a former chef and butcher, his interests include the intersections of food, craft, biology, and history.

Author's Entries

  • Pacific Stoneware

    Pacific Stoneware may have been the longest-running commercial pottery manufacturer in Oregon. Begun as Pacific Pottery in 1890, the company produced ceramic and stoneware at its headquarters near Guild’s Lake in Northwest Portland and later in Kenton (North Portland), until it closed in 1986. Pacific Stoneware boasted that it …

    Oregon Encyclopedia

  • Phillips screw and driver

    The Phillips screw and driver, originally invented by Portlander John P. Thompson, dramatically increased the speed of manufacturing and made the Phillips screwdriver a necessity in every toolbox. Thompson applied for the patent rights on a "Screw" (U.S. Patent 1908080) with an innovative “cruciform groove” and a matching "Screw driver" …

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