Marlena Williams

Marlena Williams graduated from Lewis & Clark College with degrees in English and History. She wrote her history thesis on the growth and development of the commercial sex industry in Portland. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. Her writing has been published in the Yale Review, Literary Hub, Electric Literature, Across the Margin, Propeller, the Rumpus, and others. 

Author's Entries

  • Katherine Dunn (1945–2016)

    Writer Katherine Dunn spent much of her life in Portland and set many of her works in the city. She was the acclaimed author of Geek Love, a 1989 science fiction novel about a traveling carnival run by a couple who genetically engineer their children into a sideshow act. …

    Oregon Encyclopedia

  • Star Theater

    Since the Star Theater opened in Portland in May 1911, it has operated as a silent movie house, a burlesque club, an adult film theater, and a music venue. Although the theater has often been associated with scandal and intrigue, the Star is one of Portland’s most resilient and longstanding …

    Oregon Encyclopedia

  • Stripping in Oregon

    Portland has more strip clubs per capita than any other city in the United States. With one strip club for every 11,826 residents, Portland far outranks Miami, New Orleans, and Las Vegas—larger cities with long-held reputations as meccas for adult entertainment. The boom in strip clubs can be traced to …

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